Company Profile - Aqua General, Inc.

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Aqua General Inc. is expert at providing the right water filtration solution for all residential and commercial/industrial applications. We provide water softeners, water filters, sediment, chemical reduction, carbon and reverse osmosis filters, UV germicidal purification, no-salt scale prevention systems and custom designed water treatment solutions. We sell, install and service water-conditioning systems in the Houston area on installations going back to 1978. Our water-conditioning systems come with superior and often exclusive features unavailable from other companies, including softening, anti-microbial media, whole house organic chemical reduction, fine particle filtration, and superior limited life-time manufacturer’s warranties. The systems or components are tested, certified and validated by the WQA and NSF.
We have thousands of satisfied customers in the Greater Houston metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs. A partial list of brands we currently service: 3M, AquaPro, AquaGuard, Clack, Cuno, ECOsmarte, Fleck, General Ionics, GE, Ionics, Micromax, Pentair, Proline, Puronics, Rayne, Water Factory, and Watts.
Aqua General, Inc. is a member of the National Water Quality Association, the Texas Water Quality Association, the Greater Houston Builders Association , National Association of Home Builders and Texas Association of Builders. The company operates under a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Class III Water Treatment Specialist license.

AQUA GENERAL, INC. - Member WQA, GHBA, NAHB, TAB, TCEQ Licensed - Anti-microbial Water Conditioning Systems. Reverse Osmosis Systems, Carbon Filters, UV, No-Salt Systems, Bottle-Free Coolers.