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Harry Brown
"Great company, great products, great service! Thanks, Aqua General!"
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Ashley L.
"...They have been great to work with and super responsive!..."
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Trevor Brown
"...Aqua General went out of their way to make sure we received the parts..."
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Craig Tinker
"...for some 15 years, and I couldn't be happier with their service."

Anti-microbial Water Conditioning Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Ultra-Violet Systems, Carbon Filters, Bottle-Free Coolers, Custom Designed Water Treatment Solutions

Clean Water for Your Home or Business
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Our AquaGuard® water treatment system is an exclusive whole house water conditioner with five times the filtration capablilites of a basic water softener.

Clean Water for Your Home or Business
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Softer skin and clean, smooth hair. Prolong The Life Of Pipes And Appliances.
Anti-Microbial and OrganicChemical Reduction

Anti-Microbial and Organic
Chemical Reduction

Highest quality water for the health and wellness of your family. Anti-Microbial chemical reduction media that inhibits bacteria growth within the system.
Fine ParticleFiltration Media

Fine Particle
Filtration Media

Physical filtration to as small as 2 to 5 microns, less than the size of a human red blood cell.

Clean Water for your Home, Office or Manufacturing Facility

Aqua General, Inc. is expert at providing the right water filtration solution for all residential and commercial applications. We provide water softeners, salt delivery, water filters, sediment, chemical reduction, carbon and reverse osmosis filters, UV, no-salt scale prevention systems and custom designed water treatment solutions. You'll gain peace of mind as you provide the highest quality water for the health and wellness of your family. We also provide filtration solutions for offices, restaurants, hotels, doctors, dentists, the beverage industry, ice making and other manufacturing facilities.

AquaGuard® Multi-Media Whole House Water Softener / Conditioner / Filter / Anti-Microbial System

Our AquaGuard® water treatment system is an exclusive whole house water conditioner with softening, anti-microbial, chemical reduction and fine particle filtration media. Our high capacity resin and anti-microbial media inhibits bacteria growth within the system, while reducing chlorine, calcium, and magnesium buildup, organic compounds and dis-infection byproducts.
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Benefits of Conditioned Water

  • Substantial savings on soap usage and laundry detergent and reduced cleaning times.
  • Protect all water-using appliances and plumbing.
  • Softer, smoother skin and hair.
  • Great tasting coffee, tea, and juices; eliminates need to purchase bottled water.
  • Maintain sparkling bathrooms, fixtures and showers keeping them looking new.
  • Brighter, softer clothes that last longer.
  • Save energy by protecting water heater from calcium and magnesium buildup.
  • Chemical reduction/removal
  • Alpha particle radioactivity reduction/removal
  • Hexavalent Chromium and Arsenic reduction/removal
  • Disinfection By-products reduction/removal
  • Lead reduction/removal
Aqua General, Inc. also provides complete, effective UV germicidal water purification. Properly applied UV light kills any existing microbes and eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in water.


Here are just a select few of the comments our great customers have left:
Incredible, professional and friendly service. I highly recommend this company to anyone. Way beyond what I ever expected.
Awesome product. Would not consider living in Houston without a water treatment system . Staff is friendly and helpful, service people knowledgable.
We've had our Aqua General installed water softener for four years. The unit has worked very well and we've had no issues...
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